Discover how to embroider text with this cute mini hoop project

Learning how to embroider text is a great skill to master and its much easier than you might think. This project will take you through the process step-by-step and show you how to create this welcoming and colourful mini hoop.

embroidery hoop with stitched text hello

Difficulty Level: Easy

Project Length: Quick

To stitch your own 'Hello' text hoop you will need:

  • The test transfers that came with your embroidery pack
  • A 3" embroidery hoop
  • Thread in the following colours: Bright Pink - DMC 3802 / Madeira 720
  • 15cm square of yellow gingham fabric
  • 15cm square of cream or white fabric
  • Iron, Needle, Scissors
equipment needed to learn how to embroider text


To begin cut out the 'hello' design from your sheet of test transfers and follow the pack instructions to iron the transfer on to the middle of your yellow gingham fabric. Iron your fabric first so it is warm when you apply the transfer. 

Make sure the transfer is straight and central before pressing with a hot iron. 

TOP TIP: To make sure you protect your ironing board or heat proof surface from the transfer ink place some scrap material under your embroidery fabric before ironing on the transfer. Occasionally the ink can go through the fabric to the surface behind.

Hello text transfer ironed on to fabric

Once transferred carefully remove the transfer. Be careful as it may still be hot. 

Hello text transfer ironed on to fabric

Now layer your cream fabric with the yellow fabric on top and place them both in your embroidery hoop. Make sure the fabric is tight and the design is in the middle. 

If you are not sure how to set up your hoop you can find a full guide here or watch the video at the top of this page.

Now you are ready to start stitching!

embroidery hoop with text design

Stitching Notes


To begin cut an arm's length of the bright pink thread and separate 4 of the six strands by untwisting the thread (if you are new to embroidery and have not done this before you will find more instructions in our beginner's embroidery guide).

Thread your needle with the 4 strands and tie a knot in the other end.

Now begin to stitch the at start of the letter 'H' you will be using split stitch to embroider all the text. You can see the steps for split stitch below (a-d) or click here for a full guide to split stitch. Make your first stitch a simple stitch about 4mm long, pull the thread tight and then push the needle back up through the fabric and the middle of this first stitch, separating the threads on either side.

close up of split stitch


Continue working in this way until all the lines of the pattern are covered with split stitch. When you come to the point where the lines cross each other simple place your new stitches over the existing ones. 

When your thread gets too short to stitch with remove the needle at the back of your embroidery, split the ends of the thread and tie a double knot.

embroidery hoop with hello text being stitched with split stitch
completed yellow hoop with pink embroidery lettering stitched with split stitch


One for have finished embroidering all the text turn your hoop over and carefully trim away the cream backing fabric only.

The you will need to trim the remaining yellow fabric in to a circle that is roughly 2cm bigger than your hoop.

Finally place running stitch around the edge of the circle you have just cut, leave both ends of the thread free and then pull them tight and tie together. The fabric should gather behind the hoop as shown.

You can add a ribbon to hang your hoop and welcome people to your home with a bright and cheerful 'hello'!

We hope you have enjoyed learning how to embroider text and will use your new skill in future projects.

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Lisa Neal