Lisa Neal founder of Lazy May Sewing Club

Welcome to Lazy May Sewing Club

Thanks for taking the time to browse Lazy May Sewing Club and find out a little more. I'm Lisa, owner of Lazy May Sewing Club, I love embroidery, illustration and loads of other crafts too.

Why Embroidery?

I'm a big believer in hobbies and crafts, you can't beat finding something fun that you love. For me embroidery, and illustration too, is an activity I can do where the time just flies by, you have to focus and concentrate but it is not difficult and therefore is so relaxing.

That is what I hope to bring to you, a shared love of embroidery.    

Embroidery is a craft that doesn't have to take long or cost much and, once you learn the basics, has endless possibilities for creativity.

Lazy May Sewing Club Products

Designed and made in Hertfordshire (UK) Lazy May embroidery kits and embroidery patterns are shipped speedily worldwide. 

I'm a huge fan of our easy to use embroidery transfers. Simply press with a hot iron to transfer your design to fabric and decorate with your favourite stitches. They are perfect when you need a little bit of inspiration for your stitching.

Our embroidery kits contain everything you need to create a fabulous piece of embroidery, they perfect for beginners and make great gifts too! Our customers often mention the high quality materials and friendly, easy to follow instructions in their feedback.

The iron-on embroidery transfer patterns and kits I sell on the site were created for my own personal use initially, born of a desire to see exactly what I had drawn on my fabric ready for stitching. With an embroidery transfer, you get such a clear print of the design so quickly and with no tracing either (yay!) that for me it's a total no brainer!

You do of course have to wait for the mail, but I aim to help you out here too with great shipping rates that are speedy too!

If you have never used an embroidery transfer before, you are in for a treat, check out how they work on my using embroidery transfers page.

Say Hello

I'm always here to answer your questions so please do get in touch. You can find our contact form here

New patterns and kits are being added regularly, I hope you like what you see and check back soon.

As a small business I feel well placed to offer a very personal service, such as the bespoke patterns you will find here in the shop, each one is custom printed just for you.

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Lisa x

Lisa Neal