Merry Christmas: Festive Embroidery Patterns (easy iron-on)

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Easy to use christmas embroidery patterns 

Snuggle down for some wintertime stitching with our Christmas embroidery patterns. Featuring baubles, tree, hot chocolate and much more these detailed designs are so easy to use, meaning you can get creating and stitching quickly, whatever your level of experience.

Simply press on to fabric with a hot iron and decorate with you favourite embroidery stitches.

Create mini hoops to hang on the Christmas tree, stitch a festive cushion cover or create some hoop art to relax, there are so many possibilities with our Merry Christmas embroidery transfers.

Each embroidery pattern pack contains:

  • 1 A4 (21cm x 29cm or 8" x 11.5") sheet iron-on christmas embroidery patterns featuring 12 beautiful seasonal designs 
  • Full instructions
  • 12 page booklet packed with embroidery tips and fun ways to use your patterns.
  • An illustrated guide to 4 simple embroidery stitches
  • Test transfers to practise with

What can I make with iron-on embroidery transfers?

You can use iron-on embroidery transfers on a whole range of embroidery projects, from creating hoop art and decorating home textiles to upcycling your clothes.

Simply iron a pattern on to your chosen fabric and get creative with your favourite stitches. Each pack includes a booklet packed with suggestions of how to use your transfers and you can find more ideas on our projects page too.

Are embroidery transfers easy to use?

Yes, our Christmas embroidery patterns are super simple to use, if you would to see exactly how its done check out this handy step-by-step guide.

Every transfer pack comes will full instructions, and includes illustrated guides to four of the most popular embroidery stitches, split stitch, back satin, stem stitch and satin stitch.

Are iron-on embroidery patterns suitable for beginners?

Yes, definitely! For beginners, you will find an introduction to embroidery in your pack that covers advice on the basic equipment you will need, how to set it up and get started.

If you need any more help be sure to check our learn embroidery section, you will find articles and videos to show you exactly what to do.

How many times can I use each transfer?

The number of times you can use each transfer will depend on the type of fabric you can using and how long you press it with your iron. For example, If you are working with a light coloured cotton you should get 3 good prints out of your transfer, however, if you are applying a transfer to a mid blue denim you may only get one print as you will want to press it for longer to ensure the pattern is dark and clear enough to see on the denim.

What else will I need to get started?

You will need some fabric to stitch on, (cotton and natural fabrics are great for beginners), some embroidery thread, scissors and a needle. You can find a great range of supplies in our shop if you are short of anything.