Difficulty Level: Easy
Project Length: Medium

This project is a great one for beginners. Only one type of embroidery stitch, split stitch, is needed to complete this simple but colourful 'out of the this world' hoop.

To stitch this hand-embroidered space hoop you will need:

Madeira thread 
DMC thread 
Light Blue 
Bright Blue 
Dark Blue 
Light green 
Dark Green 
Light Purple 
Dark Purple 
Grey 0901 3747

If you are new to embroidery you can find a guide to the basics, including all the equipment and getting it set up here.

You will also find guides to all the stitches mentioned in this pattern here.


Carefully cut out the astronaut, space and Saturn designs from the transfer sheet. You can use the outer ring of your hoop to make sure the design will fit correctly, lay all the transfers in position, then place the outer ring on top of the fabric, make sure all the transfers fit with the hoop and that there is a gap of rough 1cm around the edge.
Now follow the instructions on the pack to iron them onto your fabric in the positions shown below.

Saturn, astronaut and planet embroidery transfers


Next cut out one large and 4 small stars and iron them one by one into the positions show.

Space themed embroidery hoop design

Mount the fabric in your hoop making sure the fabric is straight and taut like a drum skin. Tighten the screw fully using pliers or a screw driver if you need to.


Stitching Notes

Each element of the space design is stitched using 4 strands of thread.

You will need to separate your thread and select 4 of the 6 strands before you start to stitch. If you need some help with this, you can find my guide here.

Split stitch is used for every element of the pattern, if you have not worked split stitch before you can see a guide below. 

Split Stitch

how to sew split stitch, easy embroidery stitch guide for beginners

Bring your needle up through the fabric at the start of your pattern line and then back through the fabric to make a simple stitch. Push the needle back up through the fabric in the middle of the previous stitch, splitting the threads on either side of the needle b).

Here you can see a close up of how split stitch looks on the planet design. Keep your stitches evenly spaced and pull the thread tight, making sure not to pucker the fabric.


Here you can see a close up of the stitched design, use this image to see which colours are used where in the pattern.

Now simply work your way around the pattern covering all of the lines until the pattern is complete. 





The pattern used in this project was 'Super Space' please click the link below for more details.


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Lisa Neal