There is a simple way to use your Lazy May embroidery transfers on dark fabrics and all you need to add is some iron-on embroidery stabiliser, just follow the steps below to see how it’s done.

Materials needed to embroidery on to dark fabric, hoop, t-shirt, pattern, embroidery stabiliser, scissors and thread. Pattern from

Materials: You will need, your dark fabric (mine is a t-shirt), plastic or wooden embroidery hoop, embroidery transfers, iron on embroidery stabliser (this is available online or from craft shops and is inexpensive), scissors and thread.

A black t-shirt with embroidery transfer ironed on.

1. First cut a piece of embroidery stabliser that is larger than the transfer you are planning to use and place it shiny side down on your fabric. I am embroidering along the neckline of my t-shirt so have cut my stabiliser to match the shape. Now press with a hot iron to attach the stabliser.

A black t-shirt with embroidery stabiliser ironed on and an embroidery transfer laid on top waiting to be ironed.

2. Cut out your chosen transfer and place it ink-side down on top of the embroidery stabiliser. Press with a hot iron to transfer the pattern.

Black t-shirt with embroidery stabiliser and embroidery transfer, from

3. Once transferred your pattern will appear clearly on the stabiliser, as show above.

A black t-shirt with embroidery transfer about to be stitched in the hoop.

4. Now place the fabric and attached stabiliser in to a hoop making sure it is flat and taught.

How to embroider on to dark fabric using embroidery stabiliser and iron on embroidery transfers.

5. You can now stitch straight through the stabiliser and the fabric together, treating it like any other embroidery.