Fab Flowers: Iron-On Embroidery Transfer Patterns


Your pack will contain:

  • A 21cm x 29cm ( 8" x 11.5") floral iron-on embroidery transfer sheet 
  • Full transfer instructions
  • Beginners embroidery guide
  • An illustrated guide to 4 simple embroidery stitches
  • Two test transfers.

Delicate flower embroidery transfers, ideal for adding to shirt collars or pockets, or arrange to create customise your own home textiles. 

What can I make with Fab Flowers Embroidery Patterns?

The sky is the limit, Click HERE for step-by-step projects using Fab Flowers pattern set.

How do I use Lazy May Embroidery Patterns?

Your pack will contain full transfer instructions but If you would like to know more about using Lazy May transfers now check out this guide on how to use iron-on embroidery transfers.