‘Fab flowers’ iron on embroidery pattern


Shaped to fit necklines, sleeves and pockets, make your clothes unique by adding some colourful floral bursts.


Simple, creative and effective, Lazy May embroidery transfers are the ultimate way to see great results fast. Just iron on to your chosen fabric and sew right over the lines, easy.

Each transfer can be used up to 3 times (depending on the fabric)

Your pack will contain:

  • A sheet of iron on embroidery transfers measuring approx. 21cm by 29cm ( 8″ by 11.5″)
  • Full instructions for using the transfer sheet
  • A guide containing all you need to know to take your first steps in embroidery.
  • An illustrated guide to 4 simple embroidery stitches to get you started
  • Two test transfers to help you determine the correct iron time for your fabric.

If you would like to know more about using Lazy May transfers check out this handy step-by-step guide.

Stitching Notes

The embroidery shown in the image above was created using the following threads and stitches:

Design: Black T-shirt with Pink Flowers
Flowers: Centre of each flower is stitched with Anchor Thread 304, using three threads and a stem stitch, starting from the middle and working in a spiral to fill the circle. Petals, the outline Anchor thread 88 using three strands and stem stitch. Filling in the petals, I have used 4 strands on the big flower and 3 strands on the two smaller flowers, the area nearest the middle is stitched with Anchor thread 62 using satin stitch and the outer points of the leaves with Anchor there 88 again using satin stitch.
Leaves: Stitched in Anchor thread no. 281. For the outlines I have used 3 strands using stem stitch and filled in with 3 strands and a satin stitch.

Find my guide to getting started with embroidery, including illustrated stitch guide here


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