Embroidery on stretchy fabric can be a little tricky but add some embroidery stabiliser, as shown below, and you will soon be customising all your t-shirts.

Materials: You will need some iron-on embroidery stabiliser, a pattern, hoop, needle and thread, scissors and your stretchy fabric, mine is a childs t-shirt.

1. Place the iron-on stabiliser shiny side down on the wrong side of your fabric and press with a hot iron. I have turned my t-shirt inside out to add the stabiliser.

2. Cut out your chosen pattern, place it ink side down on the right side of your fabric, making sure that the stabiliser is directly behind.

3. Put your fabric with the now attached layer of stabiliser in the hoop, the fabric will now be nice and taught and ready to stitch.

4. Stitch over the lines in the usual way, making sure you pull each stitch tight.

5. Once you have finished your stitching carefully peel away and tear off the stabiliser.

6. And that’s it, all done, easy!