Frequently Asked Questions

What are iron-on embroidery patterns?

Iron-on embroidery patterns are really useful pieces of thin printed paper, they can be laid over fabric and pressed with a hot iron to transfer the design from paper to fabric. Iron-on patterns mean you can get stitching really fast with no printing out or tracing over, the design will transfer very accurately, so as long as you stitch over the lines you will get a the design you expect. The patterns sold on this site vary in size and can be used to create lovely hoop art or to customise your textiles.

How do I use iron-on embroidery patterns?

For a full guide to using Lazy May iron-on embroidery patterns check out this step-by-step guide.

Do iron-on patterns wash out?

Once transferred Lazy May patterns appear dark grey in colour, the pattern will fade with washing and may eventually completely disappear.

Can I use iron-on patterns on my clothes?

Yes, definitely! You can use Lazy May patterns on any fabric it is safe to iron. If you have a more delicate fabric, set your iron on the correct setting for that fabric and press it for longer. You will need to experiment to find the correct iron time for different types of fabrics, each pack of transfers has 2 test transfers to use for this.

Can I use iron-on patterns on my jeans?

You can, but how you use the transfers will depend on the colour of your jeans. If you jeans are light coloured or faded you can use the transfer in the usual way, if you have dark jeans you want to embroidery get some iron on embroidery stabiliser and follow these step-by-step instructions.

How many times can I use each pattern?

This depends on the fabric you are using, if you are transferring to white cotton or linen you will get at least 3 imprints from each transfer. Darker or heavier fabrics with a longer iron time may only give you 2 imprints.

How do I embroider?

Embroidery is an amazing craft and if you have not had a go before I highly recommend you do, you can find my Easy Embroidery Guide here.

Where can I buy embroidery supplies?

Loads of places online (and hopefully here too one day), independent craft stores and of course large craft shops like hobby craft or the range.

Do you sell PDF patterns?

At the moment I do not sell PDF patterns, however let me know if it is something you would like to see in future.

How long will it take for my patterns to arrive?

Please check out all the information here on our delivery page

Can I return my patterns?

You may return your patterns unused within 14 days of purchase if you are unhappy with them for any reason. You will need to cover the return post and your refund will be given upon receipt of the returned patterns. Please email before you make your return

Can you design a pattern for me?

I cannot guarantee that I will be please don’t be shy, let me have your ideas and if they make it in to a pattern in the future I will let you know.

Can I sell items I have made with your patterns?

Lazy May Patterns are for personal use only.