How to frame your completed hand embroidery in the hoop.

So you have finished a fabulous piece of hand embroidery, you are delighted with it, maybe it is going to be a gift for family or friends, the only problem is the reverse of it looks like mine below! Its time to frame your embroidery in the hoop!

Fear not, here is a simple guide to framing your hoop art so it looks great from all sides and worthy of that place on the wall.

Note: This guide doesn’t glue the embroidery or any fabric to the hoop so you would be able to remove your work to reuse the hoop in the future.

Here are the instructions…

Materials: Your finished embroidery, mine is from the ‘Snoozing Sloth’ pattern, a hoop, colourful backing card (scrapbooking card is ideal) white felt, scissors, glue gun and glue.

Scissors trimming excess thread from the back of embroidery work.

1. Trim away any loose ends of thread. To ensure they cannot be seen through the fabric, cut them as short as you can.

Pencil tracing an embroidery hoop on colourful paper to make a backing for hoop art.

2. Take your backing card and trace the outside of the largest part of the embroidery hoop with a pencil.

Scissors trimming a paper to use to back embroidery hoop art

3. Now carefully cut along this line with scissors. This circle of card will become the backing of your hoop art.

Embroidery with a layer of white felt underneath

4. Lay the white felt over the small ring of your hoop and place your embroidery on top.

Layered fabric in embroidery hoop

5. Push the top ring of your hoop over the two layers of fabric and tighten it up as tight as you can.

Glue gun securing felt to the back of embroidery hoop

6. Glue the felt inside the hoop, near but not on the hoop, and press the excess felt down to stick it.

Glue gun gluing white felt to the reverse of an embroidery hoop.

7. Continue around the hoop glueing all the excess felt to the felt inside the hoop. Then trim away the excess.

The top layer of fabric is now glued to the felt layer

8. Glue the top layer of fabric to the felt in the same way

The reverse side of an embroidery hoop with all layers of fabric trimmed away.

9. And trim away the excess fabric once again.

A glue gun glueing fabric on the reverse of an embroidery hoop.

10. Now add dots of glue to the edge of the top layer of fabric, you will need to work quickly and stick your card down before the glue dries.

11. Press the circle of card onto the glue, make sure it lines up with the edges of the hoop.

When framing embroidery in the hoop as a gift it can be nice to add the date and your initials to the back of the hoop, or even a special message.

Hand embroidered sloth hoop art

And thats is, ta dah, all finished!