Difficulty Level: Easy
Project Length: Quick

How to stitch a simple modern hoop featuring leaves

To stitch this hoop this you will need:

  • Lazy May 'Leaf Motif' embroidery pattern set (click here to add to your cart)
  • 30cm x 30cm (12" x 12") cotton fabric, this can be printed or plain but choose a light colour.
  • DMC thread in the following colours; dark green 937, light green 907 
  • 20cm (8") embroidery hoop
  • Needle, Scissors, pencil

If you are new to embroidery you can find a guide to the basics, including equipment and getting set up here. You will find guides to all the stitches mentioned in this pattern here .


Begin by selecting the two leaf designs below from your patterns set. If you are using transfers simply cut them out and iron them on to your fabric. If you have a PDF pattern using one of the methods described in the PDF to transfer the leaf shapes into the position shown below.

Stitching stylised leaf hoop art, transferring the pattern to the fabric

Once you have transferred your pattern take a pencil and draw a line across each of the leaves on the left-hand stem from point to point as shown below.


Stitching Notes

Stitching diagram for modern leaf hoop art pattern

1. Start with stitching the stem of the leaves on the left. Cut an arm's length of the dark green thread, separate 3 of the six strands by untwisting the thread (if you are new to embroidery and have not done this before you will find more instructions in my beginners embroidery guide).

Thread your needle with the two strands and tie a knot in the other end. Now begin to stitch over the line of the stem using stem stitch (click here for a guide to stem stitch).

2. Now move on to the leaves, each leaf is completed in the same way. Working from the edge of the leaf to the centre line you have just drawn, cover each leaf in satin stitch using 3 strands of the dark green thread (click here for a guide to satin stitch). Keep the stitches vertical and close together so no fabric shows through.

close up of satin stitched leaves

3. To stitch the leaves on the right use the light green thread, select 2 of the six strands and thread your needle. Begin as before by stitching the stem with stem stitch.

4. Now move on to the leaves, select 2 strands of the light green thread and stitch the leaves with large fly stitches (click here for a guide to fly stitch). The securing stitch of the fly stitch will make the centre line of the leaf.

close up of embroidered leaf stitched with fly stitch

That's it, all done, your embroidery is complete!

This project was stitched using 'Leaf Motifs' iron-on embroidery transfer set, click the button below to add it to your cart.