Tip and tricks for packing a travel embroidery kit for your holiday.

Yay, its holiday time! No relaxing holiday could be complete without a little bit of embroidery. 

Wether you are taking your stitching to the beach, the balcony or on a picnic, you need to make sure you remember all the essentials. 

Here are my top tips for what to pack and how to pack it!

1. Embroidery Kit Bag

travel embroidery kit bag

The first thing you will need is a bag to hold all your embroidery supplies and your project too. A sturdy canvas pouch of roughly 20cm by 30cm with a zip is ideal, it will fit a 6" hoop and plenty of equipment too. Heavy canvas fabric is great as the point of your scissors wont poke through and damage any of your other stuff.

You can buy one like this here and if you would like to decorate it like I have you will find the step-by-step tutorial here.

2. Embroidery Scissors

travel embroidery scissors

You cannot possibly go with out your trusty sharp embroidery scissors. Most embroidery scissors are small and compact and already ideal for travel.

If you are flying check your airline requirement as to carrying scissors in your hand luggage and in the hold. 

Generally the rules are as follows, but do double check:

Cabin Hold
Small scissors (with blades no longer than 6cm) Yes Yes
Large scissors (with blades longer than 6cm) No Yes (check with your airline)
Round-ended/blunt scissors Yes Yes

3. Your Embroidery Project(s)

yellow hand embroidered shirt with a abstract bird design

I would recommend taking one large or two small embroidery projects on holiday. Prepare your fabric before you go by transferring the patterns and mounting the fabric in the hoop or hoops! You don't want to spend your holiday doing the preparation work! The example I have have shown in the image is a shirt that will have six different areas of embroidery on it, so plenty to work on.

Double check to make sure your project fits in your travel kit bag!

4. Embroidery Thread

embroidery thread wound on to bobbins

Wind all your embroidery thread colours on to bobbins, this will keep your thread organised and avoid a big tangle of mixed up colours at the bottom of your bag. Tie the bobbins together with string or ribbon to make sure you don't loose any along the way. 

Take at least double the thread you think you will need so you don't run out before you come home.

5. Needles

embroidery needles crewels

All airlines allow sewing (and knitting for that matter) in the cabin and the hold, so no problems here. Take a full pack of mixed needles and they are sometimes easy to lose. Use the pack to store the needles when you aren't using them.

I hope you have enjoyed these tips for travelling with your embroidery, most of it is common sense I know but I hope you have found it helpful all the same.

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